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About Us

Welcome to Spekner Farm.  We are a family run farm in Byron, California in far east Contra Costa County.  We raise chickens and a few chinchillas (pets only please) and grow a variety of crops.  Although we are not a certified organic farm, we choose to grow everything here naturally free of pesticides and insecticides and let our chickens range free or in large open enclosures (to keep breeds separate).  We are also establishing a permaculture garden and orchard to grow healthy food for our family, for our livestock, and hopefully to share.

Collection of Pigeons

Pigeon Farm

After over 15 years of working with pigeons, our family decided it was best to get out of the pigeon raising business.  The kids are grown, moving on to other interests, and starting their own lives.  This was a very difficult decision to make, but we are all settling into our new life without the pressure of sales, or the maintenance necessary to keep so many birds healthy.  Unfortunately, at this time, we cannot really recommend any other pigeon farm, as many have left the hobby.

We are leaving our pigeon gallery up as a memorial to our venture into the pigeon world.  They are truly amazing creatures!!


Pigeon Gallery

Persian Highflier, Iranian Highflier
Tagenrog Pigeon pair
Mosie, the Mosaic Pigeon
Scandaroon hen
Classic Frill, Santinette
Classic Frills
White Homers
Black Winged Gold Archangel
Spanish Barbs
American Giant Runts
Reverse-winged Pouter
American Fantail pigeon
White Utility Kings
pigeons flying
White Homer pigeons flying
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