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My Hero

As a wife and mother of four, I am often so busy with all my to-do lists I forget to sing the praises of my husband, the hero. So here goes my song: I have a hero... he's gotta be strong, he's gotta be fast, and he's gotta be ready to fight .... larger than life!

Whenever something needs fixing, he fixes it. If the job is too big for one person, he enlists help from various sources of family and friends. Today he is getting greasy and grimey before the rains come so that the "truckster" can be like new again. " Why now?" you ask .... well, when checking under the hood recently, Rich discovered one of the alternator belts was frayed and in PIECES making the car virtually undriveable (well safely anyways). For three days he has been trying to remove all the belts and replace them with new ones - the old ones being all cracked and fraying. My son is now helping with young strength and flexibility so that the family can be mobile again. (We have a second car, it just doesn't seat the whole family). The bolts were very difficult to remove (picture dirt, grime, and previous pneumatic tightening) and now the belts and bolts are very difficult to reinstall. As some of you know, my hero is not a small man, hence his fingers and hands are larger than the space allows. Too bad my hero can't become a mini-hero with super strength to get in those tight spots and save the day! sigh. Back to real life... chores will be late because it all has to get done now - before the rains.

Girls are helping with chores right now - children are a blessing! I know they can be challenging - especially when you teach them to think for themselves (and darn it they DO!). Raising teens and young adults has it's own challenges as we all discover new roles, new levels of maturity and how to be nice to each other (yes, that includes even me...sigh). However, I am continually reminded God makes no mistakes when He puts together a family. We are all here to learn something, build relationships, and grow. Without the family, it is much harder to do all these things. Thank you, Lord, for my family, my husband the hero, and Jesus Christ - who is the hero of us all.

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