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Happy Mulch Day!

Here on the farm we often have Mulch Days. While the urbanites and suburbia might be enjoying slightly damp pavement and concrete, we here on the farm are surrounded by mud! The recent rains, though welcome to the plants and water supply systems of our lovely state, tend to wreak havoc on the various enclosures, walkways, and garden areas here on the farm. Our solution: MULCH DAY!! It's not exactly a party, and not everyone is really celebrating it, but we are all happy when the mulching part of mulch day is done! HURRAY!! Though the ducks and geese were in their element and happily digging through the soggy ground, the chickens were a little under-the-weather. Now everyone - even the one on the bottom of the pecking order - can find a place to be dry. And the mulch came with an added bonus - critters for the chickens and ducks to eat...YUM!! Happy Mulch Day...everyone should have one!

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